Does the LAP-BAND®
require aftercare?


The LAP-BAND® system requires you partner up with one of our LAP-BAND® certified Doctors for routine progress check-ins, this is an integral part of the success of the system and allows for the most accurate adjustments/band customization.

You will have regular consultations with a Registered Dietician, who is specialized in the care of LAP-BAND® patients. Along with our Doctors and your own motivation, this is how we make a LAP-BAND® dream-team.

Even if you had your LAP-BAND® installed elsewhere, we are happy to adopt you into our program and help you on your path to success. Check out our LAP-BAND® adoption for U.S. and International patients.


Regular visits with our LAP-BAND® certified Doctors is one of the most important parts of a successful and healthy weight loss plan.

Slippage happens and can result in a trip to the ER. Checking in regularly with our LAP-BAND® Doctors can avoid an emergency room visit and prevent scaring that can occur

when a non LAP-BAND® certified Doctor works on gastric band slips.

With your weight loss, things can shift - including your port and its placement. Its movement can be uncomfortable and even limiting. Our LAP-BAND® Doctors will insure your ports placement is always as comfortable as possible and doesn't limit your ability to knock out those crunches at the gym 

If your original aftercare plan seems like its not working, we'll happily adopt you into our practice and work to create a new and improved plan alongside one of our LAP-BAND® specialist Registered Dietitian.

While the LAP-BAND® System is an effective treatment for weight loss, patients have to be reasonable and understand their weight will not magically disappear once its installed. The LAP-BAND® should be considered a tool in your weight loss support system, helping you achieve permanent and healthy lifestyle changes.

Your motivation and commitment to adopt a new lifestyle are extremely important for long-term weight loss success.

New eating habits, exercise and regular doctor visits must be ongoing as long as you have the LAP-BAND®.

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