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How can YOU prevent cancer?

Most types of cancer can be detected with early screenings. For your convenience we do all the testing at our center in Corona!


Blood Work

Skin Checks

Upper Endosocopy

Tissue Biopsy

Urine Testing

Did you know?



Several recent studies have established a link between being overweight and developing cancer. Many people mistakenly believe that cancer is predominantly an inherited condition. This is not the case. Every individual has an innate or acquired susceptibility to specific types of cancer. However, in the majority of cases, this susceptibility leads to the actual development of cancer only after being driven by one or more external risk factors. One such risk factor is obesity.

Steadily on the rise in America, obesity recently overtook tobacco use as the number one preventable cause of cancer deaths in the United States.


No one loves talking about getting a camera tube inserted into their butt. . . but this butt is science! Since colon cancer is the 4th most commonly diagnosed type of cancer; using a camera tube to discover the beginnings of its growth is a small price to pay towards preventing an avoidable death.


Using a 4’ long, flexible tube about the thickness of a finger with a camera & light at its tip, a colonoscopy begins once you're deep asleep. The camera tube is inserted into the anus while your Doctor watches a TV screen that gives them a live feed of your rectum, colon & cecum, which is the top portion of the colon.


The colonoscopy lets Doctors see precancerous tissues, polyps and any abnormalities that can save your life and serve to diagnose the cause of symptoms like blood in your stool, abdominal pains or diarrhea. Colonoscopies can also be used as a follow-up procedure that clarifies an issue previously found on a colonic X-ray or CT scan.


If you are over 50 years old or have had any type of cancer in the past, or if a blood relative of yours has - you should use this amazing tool of diagnosis and prevention. 

It might be the opposite of cozy or glamorous, but there's something special about the science in of staying healthy.

CLICK HERE to visit the American College of Surgeon's webpage on colonoscopy preparation

In its early stages, colon cancer is 1 of the most curable cancers.
In its later stages - it is the 2nd most deadly!
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