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knees hurt?
Do YOU suffer from BACK PAIN?

Simply going up a staircase increases the pressure on your knees by 4 times your body weight - so its no wonder knees are the most commonly injured joint in the body.

Unfortunately - they're not alone. . .

Working a typical 9-5 job and NOT stretching every 30 minutes (who remembers to stretch every 30 minutes?) can reek havoc on your back. Other every day occurrences like sleeping on an old mattress or even carrying extra pounds, either inside your body or on top of your body - like an overloaded backpack or purse - can cause issues like chronic back pain.



Carrying extra weight is more than physical, it puts stress on all the body's joints and makes it so our basic anatomy is challenged.

If you are overweight and experiencing significant pain in your knees and back, our Doctors might suggest some medically supervised form of weight loss as your cure.

This will not always mean surgery, it can just mean working with a Dietician and being helped by a Doctor that specializes in weight loss.


For both knees and backs, injectable anesthetics provide great and instant relief for chronic pain sufferers. 

These procedures can be done in all our office locations or surgery centers and typically involve only a local anesthetic to numb the injection site followed by a contrast dye that's viewed through an X-Ray and indicates exactly where the issue and inflammation is.

Depending on the type of injection - there are 3 main groups - all are minimally invasive and most are covered under health insurance plans.


Arthroscopy is the best minimally invasive way to both diagnose and treat tissue and tendon damage in and around the knees.

While patients do have to be put  under general anesthesia, 1-to-5 small incisions are made and a tiny camera called an 'arthroscope' is put into the knee area so that our Surgeons can view the inside of the joint to find and fix problems.


The majority of knee arthroscopy procedures take 30 minutes to an hour to perform but recovery from any type of knee surgery usually involves crutches, physical therapy and longer periods of time. 

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