Surgical & non-surgical weight loss has varying coverage under many health insurance plans because obesity can negatively impact your overall health.
Weight loss is a battle both we and your heath insurance can help you fight!  
Am I a good candidate for weight loss surgery? 

First things first, we start with a "preoperative evaluation". This is really similar no matter the type of bariatric surgery you're interested in. This thorough medical evaluation helps our weight loss specialists figure out whether or not surgery is right for your individual needs. During your preoperative evaluation our Doctors identify any issues that could possibly interfere with the success of a weight loss surgery. They also find out whether or not you have any comorbid diseases, like Type 2 Diabetes or Sleep Apnea as they have to start treatments for these immediately. Patients who have a clean bill of health, treatable or controllable comorbid diseases, a good chance of following the post-surgery protocols, and that are in a good emotional state are typically cleared and ready to undergo weight loss surgery.


The next part of your preoperative evaluation is your psychological testing, this lets our weight loss specialists know if you are mentally ready for surgery. Many insurance companies require such psychological evaluation prior to giving the 'OK' for covered bariatric procedures and its good to know if your emotional and behavioral health is right for surgery as your mental health greatly effects your physical health - both before and after weight loss surgery.


The 3rd and final step in the preoperative process is your nutritional evaluation. This is where our Doctors will bring in a Registered Dietician that specializes in bariatric surgeries. The nutrition professional is an integral part of the type of multidisciplinary bariatric care we bring to the table. You will work directly with our Doctors and Registered Dieticians like a team, making a diet plan - both before your surgery and after in order to achieve your weight loss goals while making sure you're getting the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

Post weight loss surgery nutritional follow-up continues for a lifetime as you'll need to track your mineral and vitamin consumption to protect your health. Having the support system in place that you trust and depend on is a healthy addition to your new lifestyle.



This is a non-surgical medical weight loss procedure. It's called the ReShape™ gastric balloon and it helps you change your eating habits over the course of 6 months by keeping you feeling full when eating less.

In about 20 minutes, the ReShape™ uses two saline-filled balloons placed inside your stomach, via light anesthesia and an endoscope through the mouth. This means it requires no incision and leaves no scar.

This two-balloon system works with the natural curve of the stomach and prevents the balloons from leaving the stomach and continuing to work if one deflates unexpectedly.


The gastric balloon procedure has several benefits, specifically because the procedure does not change the shape or function of the stomach and digestive system.


The procedure is temporary and completely reversible. Making it a great solution for anyone unable to qualify for a bariatric surgery.


Lap-Band surgery is a minimally invasive option wherein the incision site is so tiny, the surgery makes for a much shorter recovery period with a lot less pain than more invasive surgical weight loss options.


The LAP-BAND® is an inflatable silicone ring that's placed on the top part of your stomach, its position slows down the passage of food through to the stomach. Because it slows your digestion so much, you get the feeling of fullness longer. When you feel full, you don't eat and when you don't eat as much, you loose weight.

Since the LAP-BAND® doesn't change the shape of your stomach, you can have the procedure reversed.


LAP-BAND® is the only adjustable surgical weight loss option. It's adjusted by our Doctors by inflating

or deflating the ring via a port located close to the skin. Adjustments are easily and frequently made by our Doctors, regardless of whether or not they performed the initial procedure.


Sleeve gastrectomy is the surgical middle ground in weight loss operations. It requires no implantation, so you'll have less risk for slippage, erosion and food intolerances when compared to a LAP-BAND® and it has a lower health risks than a full gastric bypass all the while delivering similar results.

Using minimally invasive surgical techniques to all surgeries is our specialty and when applied to a sleeve gastrectomy helps patients recover about a week faster that the full gastric bypass making the turnaround about 2 weeks long.

Sleeve gastrectomy removes a portion of the stomach, leaving behind a small "sleeve" (roughly the size of a banana) to digest food. The procedure cleverly removes part of the stomach that produces a hormone for hunger and with less of this hormone in your body, you may also not feel hungry as often.


Since this surgery makes your stomach smaller, you'll want to eat less food and when you eat less, you weight less.


Gastric Bypass is one of the most common forms of weight loss surgery in the United States because it results in reliable weight loss with acceptable risks and minimal side effects.


What happens is our surgeons will staple off a large section of the stomach, leaving you with a tiny pouch once the procedure is complete. Now, this small pouch can only hold a few ounces of food, so it results in patients being hungry less often and eating much smaller amounts - causing them to lose weight.

Ideal Gastric Bypass candidates are those that have 100 pounds or more to loose and have tried other weight loss methods without success.


A lifelong commitment to a diet and supplement regimen after the surgery is necessary, including an adequate amount of lean protein, B12, iron and calcium. Patients should avoid sweets and fatty foods after a Gastric Bypass.


Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective long-term weight loss solutions if you've suffered from excess weight and obesity.


Daily life can make it difficult for anyone to stick to a strict diet and exercise routine, and being that this is a universal problem - it can effect and cause bariatric patients to regain weight several years after surgery.

Since being human involves such bodily and lifestyle changes, our Weight Loss Specialists have lots of experience in bariatric revision procedures and almost all bariatric surgeries can be revised, like:

  • Revision of Gastric Bypass

  • Revision of Gastric Sleeve

  • Revision of Gastric Band


If you have gained weight after having bariatric surgery its crucial to your health and the success of your weight loss to only have a qualified surgeon experienced in the type of revision procedure that you need. Please call, text or email us to get more information and understand how we can help!


Bariatric surgery is mostly successful, but when patients aren't getting the results they need and want, we can consider bariatric conversion options.

The original type of bariatric surgery received is very important when factoring whether or not a conversion procedure can be performed. This can be seen in an Operative Report, done by your first surgeon. If you don't have this or can't get it, our Specialists can determine your candidacy for bariatric conversion with an X-Ray and knowing:

  • When the initial operation was performed

  • Where the initial operation was performed

  • Instructions given after the initial surgery

  • Initial weight loss history following surgery

Frequently, aftercare provided to patients may have been lacking. Therefore, you did not know the best way to use your new weight loss 'tool'.


Even if you think you're past the 'golden period' for rapid weight loss, you may greatly benefit from additional aftercare and could avoid more surgery

by consulting with one of our Bariatric Specialists.

Even More Options

If you don't see a service listed but are interested - simply call, text or email and ask if we provide it! No questions go unanswered!




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