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Restless sleep


Headaches upon waking

Do YOU experience
any of these sleep disorder symptoms?

Irritability or easily angered

Memory loss or

inability to remember

Loud, chronic snoring

Feeling sleepy & tired all day

Dry mouth or sore throat in the am

Gasping for air & choking during sleep

Frequent night-time urination

Pauses in breathing during sleep

Male erectile dysfunction

Over 42 million American adults have sleep breathing disorders & 1-in-5 have mild obstructive Sleep Apnea
80% of people with Sleep Apnea do NOT know they have this dangerous disease!

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder where the sufferer experiences abnormal pauses in breathing during sleep. These pauses can happen up to 30 or more times in one night and last anywhere from a second or two to nearly a few minutes!

The most common type of Sleep Apnea is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea and is more likely to effect people who are overweight by about 80% and those with Diabetes about 50% more - versus people with a healthy body weight that do not have Diabetes.

Because sufferers basically stop breathing and aren't aware they're doing so, Sleep Apnea can have serious side effects or even deadly consequences. If a family member or loved one has told you that you stop breathing when you sleep or if you noticed yourself having a lot of the symptoms listed above you should take part in a sleep study.

What IS
Sleep Apnea?
General Sleep Study

This general diagnostic study is taken overnight, at

home or at a sleep center. Once ready, you'll work with one of our sleep technologists who's there to conduct your polysomnogram. Connecting you to monitors via electrodes placed on your head, chest and legs, the sleep tech and polysomnogram make a diagnostic recording of your brain activity, eye movements, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, body movement and more. Our Doctors can use this information to diagnose sleep disorders and provide you with treatments options.

MSLT Study

Otherwise known as the "Nap Study", its conducted the same way as a general diagnostic study but usually comes after a general sleep study where we  discover you may need further sleep disorder related testing. The Nap Study is used to help our Doctors diagnose patients with narcolepsy. We also utilize this study to help accurately diagnose individuals who feel tired all-day, every day. Being able to pinpoint these sleep disorder related symptoms will improve your quality of both rest and wake.




CPAP/BIPAP Titration Study

This sleep study is conducted overnight with patients that have already been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and are using a CPAP or BIPAP machine. The study zeros in on the best settings for your specific devise's use in correlation to your needs.


Our Doctors want to give patients with Sleep Apnea the best rest possible. So, if you have any difficulties

with pre-existing equipment let us see how we can either improve its functioning or get you using an updated piece. 

MWT Sleep Study

Named the "Maintenance of Wakefulness" study, this type of study is used to measure your ability to stay awake and alert during your daily work functions.

Our Doctors are most commonly hired by transportation departments, commercial trucking and shipping companies to conduct MWT studies on Drivers and Operators that need to be cleared to drive. These tests insure the safely of people who operate heavy machines and vehicles for work and all those that share the roadways with them.

Because sleep is critically important to your overall health and impacts your ability to work - many health insurance plans cover sleep study testing



CPAP is short for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and along with a diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, you will get a prescription for your CPAP machine and CPAP air pressure setting. This machine is basically a small motorized box with a hose and face-mask attached to it. How it works is by sucking in air, filtering and humidifying it, then delivering it through the face-mask to your nasal passages. Its really important your mask fits great and is exceptionally comfortable. So, if you already have a CPAP machine but don't use it because you find it too uncomfortable to sleep with, let us know - we can see if a different mask will work better for you. Together with us, your individualized settings, mask, and machine can deliver the gold-standard in worry-free sleep to you! 

Weight Loss

Our experts will do everything they can to help you comfortably live with or eliminate your sleep disorder symptoms. More often than not, being overweight contributes to the severity of many cases and causes of sleeping disorders. Medically supported weight loss will help take your sleep and life goals to the next level. This doesn't always mean surgical measures are needed, but if its something you're considering - you couldn't come to a better weight loss specialist than Life Back Medical. Whether its surgical weight loss, or creating a meal plan and working with a Dietician, or just having regular follow-ups with a physician - if you need to stay on top of your weight loss goals for the benefit of your overall health, we'd love to partner with you and share in your total success. 


In some patients, our Doctors might need to remove extra tissue from their uvula, as it could be what is blocking their airways. Removal is a Uvulectomy and can solve certain cases of chronic snoring and Sleep Apnea but this surgery is not usually a first option and non surgical methods are always prioritized. 

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