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Want to  SPREAD health?

Whether you own a company, work for HR, or are simply a team player - we should chat

The daily grind can get to us all. That's where we come in - working alongside existing corporate wellness programs - we bring healthy snack packs or schedule a healthy food truck to come to your office(s) for the sole purpose of helping assist you in educating your workforce on using their health insurance benefits for the purpose of prevention.


We want everyone to take better care of themselves and this is a fun and casual way to show employees how they already pay for great benefits that are easy to use and hugely valuable.


This service is complimentary and is a building block of what we're all about - spreading health.

a Corporate Wellness Program?

We're happy to help your organization identify its health goals and impliment them. We'll meet with you to go over options and costs and design a program that fits your workforce and addresses they're most important health related issues. 

Utilizing local vendors and personal relationships helps us offer your team the most convenient solution to getting and staying healthy.

We can help you design both short term - more challenge or season geared wellness programs  - and long term engagement programs. Working with a team of specialists we add positive vibes to your daily workplace environment.

Here's examples of customizable offerings:

Group Fitness Classes - Onsite at your offices or locally offsite. . .or both!

Personal Training - tailors onsite activities that can be done while working or gym-based instructions.

Registered Dietitian - Provides onsite group classes on weekly meal preparation or personalized kitchen visits at employees homes.

Family Activities - Bowling nights and local hikes, we curate healthy, family friendly habits.

Urine & Blood Testing - Less interactive, but easy and sometimes necessary. We come to you!

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