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Want relief?

Pain and bleeding when you go #2 can last a lifetime.

  The effects of at-home remedies, over-the-counter medicines and high-fiber diets are only temporary or don't work.

With our treatments, we’ll give you permanent relief.


Using either a colonoscopy, a sigmoidoscopy, or a proctoscopy - our specialists will know what your issue is and how to best treat it.

- 1st Things 1st -

Our Doctors need to

diagnose your hemorrhoids.

We'll use 1 if the top 3 minimally invasive methods to get you answers. . .fast and pain free!


This procedure essentially kills your internal hemorrhoids, 1 to 2 at a time, over the course of a couple weeks. It also scars the nerves where the procedure was done, making it near impossible for hemorrhoids to return to that area.


Rubber Ban Ligation is where your Doctor uses a viewing instrument called an anoscope to view your internal hemorrhoid, then they'll take another tool to grab it and tie it off at its base with a tight, tiny rubber band. Once this is done, blood can no longer flow to your hemorrhoid, depriving it of life until it shrinks and eventually, falls off.

Our specialists will eliminate all your hemorrhoids in 4-to-6 week intervals but they can treat more than a couple at once if you undergo general anesthesia.

The procedure is done in all of our Doctor's offices and you can either rest for a couple days or go right back to your daily life - minus the heavy lifting.


The removal of your hemorrhoids via a laser or scalpel typically only occurs when you have very large internal hemorrhoids, or internal hemorrhoids that cause symptoms after non-surgical treatment, or if ban ligation failed, or large external hemorrhoids that cause lots of pain and discomfort and even make it hard for you to keep your bum fresh & clean.

Our Doctors perform a hemorrhoidectomy by making small cuts around the anus. You will be put under local or general anesthesia depending on your needs as discusses with our Doctors. You can usually go home the same day and recovery takes a couple weeks.

The success of your hemorrhoidectomy really does weigh heavily on following up with changes to your daily fiber intake and bathroom habits. Regardless of the surgery, you need to make it so your body has an easier time pooping. No, its not pretty, but it is healthy and will make your body happy.

Once we know whether you are suffering from Hemorrhoids, an Anal Fistula, an Amal Fissure,
a Perirectal Abscess, or Pilonidal Cysts, we can
move forward with the most effective treatment
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