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ZACKERY Dvia Yelp (Corona)

I came to them to repair an inguinal hernia in my lower abdominal wall that had quickly progressed into the size of a soft ball. I first spoke to Gregory who is very much the face of the clinic and just a genuinely a really caring guy, and that becomes apparent within the first 2 minutes of speaking with him. Not only did he get my information to move forward, but he took the time to talk to me, to get to know me better and to make sure that any question or concern I had was answered.
For me Greg was the guy who got things done. Within 3 days of calling him to set an appointment Greg had cleared me for surgery that same weekend, had facilitated our insurance paperwork, spoke with the clinical specialists to get me in to surgery as quickly as they possibly could and was there at any time if I had a question. Every member of the staff contacted me to field questions, to advise me on what needed to happen, and really focused their efforts on just taking all the anxiety and stresses of dealing with the coming surgery away from me and made sure they handled everything.

While this particular incident didn't directly involve me, I believe it speaks to their nature and to the high regard that they hold for their practice. I was sitting in the waiting room filling out the paperwork needed prior to my surgery. A couple whom I had shared the waiting room with was also there for a surgical procedure, and when they arrived Gregory came out to greet them and sat in the waiting room with us all. (He is very much the face of the clinic and the facilitator behind the scenes.) Greg knew every patient and his wife by name, he knew the patients father, and I could tell by the conversation they were having that Greg also knew a great deal about the man's father on a level that would have suggested they had known each other for a good deal of time. When I asked how long they had known each other I was surprised to hear that they had only recently met. Gregory had known the man's father from a previous procedure a few months ago, and had remembered every detail the father had told him. So, it wasn't that Greg had been a family friend, but that he had committed their conversation to memory because he genuinely cared.

My procedure went forward without issue, and I was home again that same night and able to rest and recover in the comfort of my own home. The next morning, I didn't just get a follow up phone call from their front office. Gregory, Jenny the Head Nurse, Dr. Sedrak, and the anesthesiologist all called to check on me multiple times over the course of 5 days. If I did have a question or if I needed anything they were there to answer it. In fact, on the second day of recovery I had contacted Jenny with a question and she let me know that Dr. Sedrak was in surgery at that moment and that she'd let him know to call me back as soon as he came out. Within probably 10 minutes I received a call from the anesthesiologist who Jenny had also called and asked to answer all my questions. After which Dr. Sedrak again took time in between surgeries to call me and ensure that every single question I had was answered as thoroughly as possible.

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery. I've healed incredibly fast and am able to walk without pain, there are no signs of my hernia protruding through my abdominal wall, and the scar is almost non visible. Still, even now they continue to text me and make sure I am doing well.

So, what sets them apart? It's simple; they genuinely care about the well-being of everyone they meet. For them, treatment is the most important aspect of their job. You're not just a patient, or a pay check, and they're not just there to treat you. They are there to give you your life back, and as a result they make the world a little better with every person they are able to help.

There is no better Doctor. There is no better team, than that of Dr. Sedrak and his staff at Life Back Medical. They don't just meet the standard of a great clinic, they set the standard.

BREANNE Kvia Yelp (West Hollywood)

"Stellar surgeon, and unbelievably fantastic staff! I had the vertical gastrectomy (or gastric sleeve/VSG) surgery with Dr. Sedrak on 02/04/2017.  

I only met with Dr. Sedrak once before surgery; I found him direct and confident, and based on my research he really was the surgeon for me.  My surgery was as close to "a breeze" as I could have hoped for; I recovered quickly, with minimal scarring and no significant pain.  Anytime I have a question I am able to text or call Dr. Sedrak's cell phone number... HE answers ALL of my questions in a quick response (not a message service). To be able to CALL my surgeon personally and talk to him was incredible.

Okay... so for the staff.... I can honestly say I owe my surgery to Greg Gutierrez. Greg works directly for Dr. Sedrak and his patients. I was referred to speak with Greg from a colleague and I had conversations regarding the process over a 10 month timespan. As soon as I became mentally prepared to say "yes" to take my life back, Greg courted me through the entire process. Again, HE was quick to answer ANY call or text question I had and was a real encourager without being pushy at all. Greg is a miracle worker with patients as much as Dr. Sedrak is with performing his sleeve. He continues to follow up with me about every 4-5 days.  He could have treated me like a number... but he didn't. 

I am healthier and happier as a result of Dr. Sedrak's work and Greg's dedication to helping patients.

All other staff I've worked with and talked to have been wonderful. They are ALWAYS sweet and helpful.... it's such a pleasure to work with an office of people who really treat the patients with respect. Thank you all for your hard work! You have no idea the lives you're changing!!"

CANDYvia HealthGrades (Orange County)

Dr. Sedrak is amazingly thorough and patient explaining everything in advance. He is also very committed to success and garnered my trust and faith in his abilities and in his care for me. I cannot thank him enough and highly recommend him...he is worth the wait!


So far, I have only met him once. I got the price and more information from one of his staff however, I wanted to meet and chat with him, so that I could feel him out. I must say that I was not disappointed. It was really brief but it was not a consultation. Prior to today I've met 3 other surgeons. The first medical group I felt "MEH" about. The second talked smack about the first, super tacky and unprofessional so you lost my business before you had it.


The third doctor, I TOTALLY loved, he was very detailed, meticulous and detailed BUT the price was just super unrealistic. I got a really good feeling about Dr. Sedrak and I like his staff, so far they've been responsive. I was totally ready to pay for half the procedure today but unbeknownst to me I have to be medically cleared by my PCP at Kaiser- which KP totally sucks regarding Bariatrics. My BMI has to be over 100 and I have to be as big as a house in order for them to put me on a diet and maybe see if they'll operate on me. So much for prevention! I should be receiving the order of stuff I need from PCP shortly then we'll get this rolling.


I am hoping for mid February. I have struggled with weight my whole life long, this has been a very long time coming. I will post more as I make more progress.

BRADvia HealthGrades (Woodland Hills)

I had a terrific experience with Dr. Sedrak and his staff. They were extremely thorough, calling multiple times before the operation with explanation of the procedure and detailed instructions on how to prepare and what to expect. The surgery went perfectly and I'm now healed up with barely a scar. They still check in on me over 2 months later to see how I'm doing!! I'd highly recommend Dr. Sedrak to anyone who needs a quality surgeon with a AAA bedside manner ;)

KIKIDANA. via RealSelf (Corona)

One of my biggest "stand out moments" with Dr Sedrak was that I was sitting in his office (AFTER he'd already done the procedure) with a notebook page of questions. Dr. Sedrak had an office full of patients and needed to step out of the room. He said to me..."I want to answer all of your questions with my full attention. I'm not one of those doctors who gives you 2 minutes to ask your questions and I can see that you have a lot of them. Would you mind if I step out of the room for a moment to take care of something, and then come back so that I can give you my full attention and answer all of them?" ....and then the most amazing thing happened...HE ACTUALLY DID JUST THAT! He came back in the room, sat down..and answered EVERY question. He's just the best doctor and experience with a doctor I've ever had. SO SO grateful and thankful for him.

EROS Bvia Yelp (West Hollywood)

"Ok. I just wish that the rest of my experiences with healthcare could be more like my experience with Dr. Sedrak. This was my first surgery. I'm a total chicken and it's hard to deal with this stuff, but it feels really great to have quality FaceTime with someone who is clearly confident, knowledgable, and COMPASSIONATE. My partner and I both were surprised by Dr. Sedrak's willingness to go out of his way to help me. 
But what impressed me the most was the follow up, and the immediate replies to my texts.  I don't write many Yelp reviews but I am so Grateful that I found this guy to help me through this time. 

DAVID Pvia Facebook (Life Back Medical page)

"Dr. Sedrak and his office are amazing. 
I've never had a doctor take such good care of me. My regular doctor recommended Dr. Sedrak for a hernia problem I was having. 
He set up the surgery in a day due to my demanding schedule. And he and his office found the best location to have it done that would accommodate my insurance. 
When there was a problem with the pharmacy on the weekend he took time to personally handle it. 
And a great job on my surgery!
What more could you ask???"


Everything involved in my surgery with Dr. Sedrak was darn near perfect.  They are incredibly thorough - with several pre-op calls and regular follow up after surgery to make sure I was OK.  The surgery went perfect, I'm all healed up, and I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sedrak.  And this is only the 2nd Google review I've ever posted, I think that highly of this practice!

EDDIE Evia Facebook (Life Back Medical: Weight Loss page)

"I was with Kaiser for 26 years and switched to PPO insurance because I didn't feel comfortable with their weight loss program. I am a week away from surgery and I am really excited. Dr. Sedrak and his team have been great and have followed up with me every step of the way. I cant wait to get my life back!!!"

DENS Nvia Yelp (West Hollywood)

"What can I say about Dr. Sedrak? He changed my life!! My obesity was out of control and he did a life changing operation. Thank you Dr. Sedrak!!!"

JACKIEMARIE Wvia Yelp (Corona)

"I was suffering from a hiatal hernia and also needed my gallbladder removed. I was constantly fatigued and found it impossible to lose weight and at 42 I didn't see myself getting any better. After speaking with my doctor he recommended that I look into the Sleeve surgery and I am so happy that I found the PERFECT Doctor and staff to guide me through my journey. 
Dr. Sedrack performed all three of my surgeries within a three month time frame. His staff stayed in constant contact with me throughout the time. From nutrition to post Op I was never alone or without someone to contact should I have any questions or concerns. 
My sleeve surgery took place on July 29th and I have since lost 43 lbs. (as of 10/31/2017) 
Dr Sedrak saved my life."

BLANCA Zvia Yelp (Corona)

"I was referred to Dr Sedrak I never imagine me doing any type of surgery. Until I convince myself I have tried everything and anything. Long story short I got gastric sleeve this has change my life in a good way. The doctors staff couldn't be any better they were very attentive to my needs answer all my questions and any concerns Recommend this to anybody that wants to do this..."

LEROY Dvia Facebook (Life Back Medical: Weight Loss page)

"Getting "The Sleeve" operation was one of the best decisions of my life.

Now 61, I have been disabled for the last 20 years, after a lifetime of being a working musician and choral conductor. Gradually I went out less and less, and slowly gained more and more weight. My top weight was 260 pounds, which caused serious back problems, joint pains, and gradually more and more health problems.

The date of my surgery was Oct 22nd, 2015. By Christmas I was down to 214 pounds! I could hardly believe it as the pounds dropped off! I was not in shape to do any strenuous exercise. I just did light walking 4 or 5 times a week and followed the prescribed diet.

The real miracles happened internally, however. As I mentioned earlier, I'd gradually become more and more reclusive and agoraphobic. After surgery, I began walking in the hallway of my apartment building 4 to 5 times a week. Then, in the past month, I went outside on a beautiful, warm day and walked in the neighborhood, enjoying the sun. That's something I haven't done in more than 15 years!

And finally, I have not had the energy or interest to play the piano in 20 years, since I became disabled. (I began playing when I was five, and began teaching during college.) A few weeks after my surgery, I had the urge to play the piano (plus the energy, too) — and I've been playing nearly every day since for 15 to 30 minutes.

These may seem small to some, but they are real miracles to me, and are the direct results of having this surgery and losing weight. I also feel sure this is only the beginning of the positive changes coming my way. Getting the "Sleeve" was the best thing I could have done to get my life back on the road to health and happiness!"

PERCIVAL Gvia Yelp (Corona)

"It's been 13 months since my surgery. I have dropped 130 pounds over 7 months (320 to 190lbs) and my results are permanent. My life has changed and I feel amazing. The getting the Gastric Sleeve by Doctor Sedrak is the best decision I have ever made!"

MJOVER1via RealSelf

Dr. Sedrak, is GOD sent. I was 206 lbs, with comorbid conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I was border line diabetic. I was taking hypertension medication; cholesterol medications, my health was a mess. I was very depressed, and I realized how unhappy I was with myself. My knees were so bad, that I needed to have a PRP treatments, which were very expensive. I was skeptical about going through weight loss surgeries. I told and promised myself, that I can and will do this my way. Truth be told, my way didn't work at all. I continued to be miserable and feel very ugly and fat. After six years later, I have decided to go forward with the Gastric Sleeve procedure, I had it done last June 2017. Five months later, I am 128 lbs. My clothes that I was wearing were sizes: 2xl for shirts; size 14-18 for dresses and pants 14-18 pants; today, I am wearing sizes small for dresses, and pants I am now size 3. By far, the best decision I have ever made in my life. I am no longer taking any medications for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My sugar level is normal. I should have done this six years ago. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sedrak, he saved my LIFE. He treated me as a human being not a statistics; his bedside manner and his professionalism were above and beyond. The most fascinating about Dr. Sedrak that I experienced, he personally called and checked on me, to see how I was doing and my progress or if I was having any discomfort, I was amazed; I had few surgery in the past from different surgeons, NO surgeon had ever called me to check on me. I knew this doctor really cares. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Sedrak for any bariatric or general surgeries. Best of all, he has the GREATEST staff; they're warm and happy team. Thank you Dr. Sedrak and your amazing TEAM.


This really cool guy, super friendly whos really easy and fun to interact with changed my life! I recommend him to anyone who would want their life back.

KRISTIN KIKI Bvia Yelp (Corona)

I, like many have battled my weight for years yo-yo ing up and down. I reached a point several years ago where I could no longer get the weight off. All of the regular "tricks" I did, did not work. Here I was, 46 years old, an obese, diabetic with high blood pressure...and the single mom of a teenagee daughter. I needed help to save my life and to be around for my daughter.

I went to more than one doctor. Even began the process with another doctors office!! This other office herded people in like cattle. All together in one room for everything. It was awful. 

Dr. Sedrak knows me by name. He knows my case. He UNDERSTANDS because he's been there. I'm not just another dollar. He really cares. He saved my life and gave my daughter her mom back! 

I'm FOREVER grateful!!

One of my biggest "stand out moments" with Dr Sedrak was that I was sitting in his office (AFTER he'd already done the procedure) with a notebook page of questions. Dr. Sedrak had an office full of patients and needed to step out of the room. He said to me..."I want to answer all of your questions with my full attention. I'm not one of those doctors who gives you 2 minutes to ask your questions and I can see that you have a lot of them. Would you mind if I step out of the room for a moment to take care of something, and then come back so that I can give you my full attention and answer all of them?" ....and then the most amazing thing happened...HE ACTUALLY DID JUST THAT! He came back in the room, sat down..and answered EVERY question. He's just the best doctor and experience with a doctor I've ever had. SO SO grateful and thankful for him!
Do you need permanent change? You need Dr. Sedrak!!!!

CHONI Tvia Yelp (Corona)

Service was excellent. Everybody's service was far and beyond... would highly recommend this center!


Every step of the way, I found support and answers. They work extremely hard to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. Caring and professional, I wish I would have contacted Dr Sedrak sooner! They worked with my insurance to get everything approved and completed in a timely manner! A perfect 5 star experience!

Phyllis Mvia Yelp (Corona)

I give the highest recommendation for Lifeback Medical.. Starting from Dr. Michael Sedrak to his medical staff Jenny, Paul and Gregory Gutierrez, they were very professional and caring to all my medical needs (gastric sleeve & knee pain). Lifeback Medical is awesome in returning phone calls, texts, emails and medical questions.. Please don't hestitate to call them with any questions!  Thank you and God Bless you Dr. Sedrak for being a blessing to me and my family!

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