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Let's Detox!

I know what you're thinking.Another kale and water diet that will have me starve for two weeks and then I'll gain the weight back and more.This time though It's all about starting the day right without sacrifices (or not too many at least!).This is a very simple and gentle way to detox that is both very effective and energizing.

All you have to is drink a glass of water with lemon juice in the morning,before breakfast.Simple,right?

It really is,and you can choose to have your water cold or slightly warm. You can also choose the kind of lemons you'd like to infuse your water with.I personally like the Meyers kind.They are sweeter than regular lemons and taste really good.I even eat them by themselves sometimes and put them in salads!

This detox will help you feel more energized in the morning and also will help get rid of bloating.A lot of times ,when we feel bloated ,the reason is we have too many toxins in our body.Toxins lead to weight gain and even with diet and exercise ,sometimes it's difficult to shed some lbs.

This gentle detox is not only very good for your overall health (if you do this every morning you could also prevent colds and flu) but it will actively help you feel lighter and in a better mood.

Lemons are naturally packed with vitamin C so this will also be a super boost to your metabolism.

Let me know if you try it in the comments,I'd love to hear your feedbacks.

Happy Detox!

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