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Living pain-free

The majority of people does not like going to the doctor.It's uncomfortable,you need to take time off work and

it 's never fun having to explain to a stranger embarrassing symptoms.After meeting different patients suffering from different conditions though,I learned that we should just bypass all the uneasiness and think about our health first.Especially if the doctor that's listening to your embarrassing symptoms is Dr.Sedrak.

He is not only very understanding ,he actually listens and find the best solution .This is how this particular patient got over her fear of talking to a doctor and came to have her two hernia repaired.

Her life had became so uncomfortable and painful she couldn't take it anymore. It started after her first pregnancy,with a foreign pain,constant discomfort that she dismissed by thinking it was a"normal" side effect of childbirth.After her second child was born though,the pain got more severe.So much so she needed painkiller to sleep a few hours at night.

Finally, after being diagnosed with two large hernia she got the courage to call Dr.Sedrak who explained how common hernia were after pregnancies and how simple the procedure to get rid of them really is.

After her procedure,she instantly felt better with no more pain and she is finally able to sleep (when her children allow it !)

These are the most common symptoms of hernia,if you think you might suffer from it,don't wait until your symptoms get worse .

1-Acid Reflux

2- Bulge Through a Scar (very common after C-Section)

3-Pain when Moving

4- Fever and Vomiting

5 - Fatigue

6-Pain during Bowel Movement

7- Bulge near the Belly Button

8-Difficulty Breathing

9-Bulge in the Groin

10-Bulge in the Lower Abdomen

Dr.Sedrak and a happy patient after hernia repair

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