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Pam’s success story

Pam is a mother of two and, like most mothers, focused her life

on the wellbeing of her family. That is why, when she started gaining weight, she didn’t immediately take action. When she finally became aware of it, she had gained so much weight that it would have been close to impossible to lose it herself. Being a wife, a mother and working full time did not really allow room for diet and exercise and being aware of the risk that carrying that kind of weight implied, she made the decision to come see Dr. Sedrak.

During the consult, Dr. Sedrak went over all the possible solutions and explained the process in detail.Together, they decided for the procedure that was best for her particular situation (gastric bypass ) and a few months later Pam look and feels 15 years younger! If you’re struggling with excessive weight and would like to come in for a consult

call or text 951-547-2056 .

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