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Pregnancy and hernias

Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your body (and mind!) and sometimes the weight of your belly can create a hernia. It usually happens when a section of your intestine or other tissue pushes through a weakened layer of muscle in your abdomen.

Most hernias in pregnant women are external, meaning that they affect the abdominal wall and may be seen or felt as a bulge under the skin. This most commonly happens in the lower abdomen or groin area.

Pregnant women also have increased risk to develop umbilical hernias , which affects the area around your belly button.

If a hernia is causing discomfort during your pregnancy, it can usually be repaired in a surgical procedure with little risk to you or your pregnancy.

And if your hernia develops a serious complication, emergency surgery will be necessary.

Dr.Sedrak is a board certified surgeon that specializes in complex and advance hernias.

His minimally invasive procedures together with his vast experience make him one of the top and most trusted surgeons in his field.Give him a call (or text him!) at 951-547-2056 and schedule your consult!

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