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Revisions are possible!

Sometimes, in the excitement of a major life change like weightloss surgey, we forget to check all the important things we need for a successful outcome. One of the most (actually THE most ) important things is to make sure your surgeon is a board certified specialist .Also very important, when dealing with weightloss surgery, is to look at before and after photos , reviews from real patients and the surgeon.s experience and credentials.

in this little video ,a new patients talks about her experience with her Kaiser doctor

.Her weight-loss surgery was not successful but, lucky for her, she found Dr. Sedrak and after her initial consult, she’s well on her way to have a revision surgery. Dr. Sedrak specializes in revision surgeries which means this lady will soon be a happy ,healthy patient !

If you’d like to know more about revision surgery and how it works, call or text 951-547-2056 :)

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